Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)

Designed to provide core knowledge in paediatric emergency medicine for health care providers.
This two day intensive learning experience developed by the AAP is designed to provide core knowledge in paediatric emergency medicine for health care providers and teach how to assess and manage critically ill children in the office setting and during the first hours in the emergency department.

The APLS Course focuses on the evaluation, diagnosis and initiation of treatment for many paediatric medical and surgical emergencies during the time the patient’s condition is being stabilized in the clinic or emergency department.

Course format includes case-based learning in a small group format and emphasizes hands-on skill practice in a hi-fidelity simulated environment. Participants who attend the course and pass the final exam will receive a certificate. The final exam is a closed-book exam and a passing grade of 80% is required to receive certification.

Please note that this is a Paediatric Emergency Medicine course, NOT a Paediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course which is specifically directed toward the emergency management of paediatric patients approaching or already in cardiopulmonary arrest.

The APLS Course complements, but does not replace the American Heart Association/American Academy of Paediatrics sponsored Paediatric Advanced Life Support Course.

* Most participants find it helpful to review PALS before taking this course. Don’t have PALS? Contact the Michener Institute.

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